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Artist  | Researcher | Writer | Illustrator | Producer

searching ever for the uncanny, liminal, inexplicable, for it is there my work dwells.

Here's a nice list of the ways different institutions have acknowledged the existence of my work.

Other art- related experience include three years a professional screen printer and organizer in the midwest, one year as a museum educator in Miami, eight years of independent audio and podcast production, and a lifetime of crafting&creating ephemera.





2023 – 2025 Master in the Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Society || University of Twenty, The Netherlands

2021 Certificate in Bioethics || Yale's Sherwin B. Nuland Summer Institute in Bioethics

2019 – 2021 Master of Divinity || Vanderbilt Divinity School

2012 – 2016 Bachelor of Studio Art and Religious Studies || UNC-Chapel Hill




2023 University of Twente Scholarship, University of Twente

2022 John Olin Knott award for creative and scholarly writing, Vanderbilt Divinity School

2019 Brandon Honor Scholarship, Vanderbilt Divinity School

2018 Sonic South Finalist, Southern Oral History Project

2015 The George Kachergis Studio Art Award, UNC-CH

2014 Phi Beta Kappa Inductee

2012 State of Florida Parlimentary Debate Champion, American Forensics Association




2023 “Heaven's Loss,” Teleport Magazine

2022 “A Haunting,” NonBinary Review (Zoetic Press)

2021 “Job: A Tapestry by Marc Chagall and Yvette Cauquil-Prince,” Society of Biblical Literature Regional and Annual Meeting (presentation).




2023 L'Esposizione Di Vizcaya || Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami, FL

2022 Viewing Party Between Heaven and Earth || Vanderbilt Divinity School, TN

2020 Holding Patterns || the internet

2019 Organ + Art Show || Cathedral Church of St. Paul, IA

2019 Limited Space III || Curate, IA

2018 Iowa Exhibited XXXIII, Polk County Heritage Gallery, IA

2018 Limited Space II || The Des Moines Social Club, IA

2018 Play || Oliver + James, IA

2018 Organ + Art Show || Cathedral Church of St. Paul, IA

2018 Inter/Veil || Yellow Door Gallery, IA

2017 Roach Motel Zine Fest || Vaudeville Mews, IA

2016 This/Then || UNC-Chapel Hill, NC

2016 Contemporary Nethers || Chapel Hill, NC

2016 5th Student International Small Print Show || El Minia University, Egypt

2015 Mixed Concrete || TRU, NC

2015 Cellar Door || Sample Galley, NC







svspivey @ pm dot me

svspivey at pm dot me

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